Our Breeding Practices


At Wagtaildowns, our commitment to responsible dog breeding practices is at the core of everything we do. We are registered members of Dogs Victoria and proudly uphold their standards of breeding. We always prioritise the well-being of our dogs and puppies, and follow stringent guidelines to ensure the health, happiness, and quality of our furry companions.

Health Tests and Certifications

Before becoming part of our breeding program, all our adult dogs undergo comprehensive health tests and certifications. These tests may include DNA tests, hip & elbow scoring, eye and heart examinations, and other relevant screenings. By selecting only dogs with excellent health and genetics, we aim to produce puppies that are free from hereditary health issues and have the best chance of leading healthy lives.

Exceptional Care for Expectant Mothers

When one of our precious furry friends becomes an expectant mother, we provide them with exceptional care and support throughout their pregnancy. Ensuring that they receive proper nutrition, regular veterinary check-ups, and a safe and comfortable environment to deliver their puppies

Socialisation and Enrichment

From the moment our puppies are born, they are exposed to a nurturing and stimulating environment. Early socialisation plays a vital role in shaping their behaviour and temperament. Our puppies are introduced to various sounds, sights, and experiences, ensuring they grow into well-adjusted and confident companions.

Family Environment

Our breeding dogs and their puppies are raised in a nurturing family environment. Where we provide abundant love, attention, and playtime, creating strong bonds between our dogs and humans. We believe that a devoted and supportive atmosphere is essential for our puppies to thrive and become loving family members.

Ethics and Integrity

At Wagtaildowns, ethics and integrity are the cornerstones of our dog breeding practices. We prioritise the welfare of our dogs, ensure that our puppies are placed in caring homes, and strive to be a trusted source for canine companions.

Your Future Companion

When you adopt a puppy from Wagtaildowns, you can be confident that you are welcoming a furry friend who has been raised with love, care, and a commitment to responsible dog breeding practices.

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