About Us

Welcome to Wagtaildowns where our passion for dogs and dog breeding drives our commitment to raising healthy and good tempered Border Collies and Golden Retrievers.

Our story is one of dedication and love for these remarkable breeds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be dedicated to ethical and sustainable breeding and preservation of pure-bred Golden Retrievers and Border Collie dogs and to connect families with loyal and loving canine companions. 

We believe that every dog should have a caring home, and every family should experience the unconditional love of a four-legged friend. With this vision, we strive to provide exceptional puppies to loving homes, creating lasting bonds that bring joy to both families and their new furry members.

The Importance of Ethical Breeding

Ethical dog breeding practices prioritise the health, temperament, and overall welfare of both our adult dogs and their offspring. We take great care in selecting breeding pairs with sound genetics, excellent health certifications, and exceptional temperaments. This not only ensures the well-being of our breeding dogs but also contributes to the health and longevity of the breeds we cherish.

Transparency and Support

We are committed to providing you with all the information you need, answering your questions, and guiding you in selecting the perfect match for your family. We value transparency in our interactions and strive to make the adoption journey a positive and stress-free experience.

Our Commitment to You

When you choose Wagtaildowns, you can be assured that you are adopting a healthy and happy puppy that comes from a caring and responsible dog breeding program. We are dedicated to helping you find a furry companion that will bring love, laughter, and cherished memories to your home for years to come.

Contact Us

Have questions or want to inquire about adopting one of our puppies? Reach out to us today! We’re here to provide all the information you need and help you find your new furry best friend.